Breast Enhancement Supplement

For a woman like me, it is amazing how we bring another life in this world. It takes hard work for us and to our body to conceive and carry it for 9 months and give birth to our child. After giving birth, we need to take care of them and nurse them. Our physical body and emotion will never be the same again after giving birth. Some of the body changes we will experienced are that we have additional tummy and our breast will shrunken and we will have a sagging breast. These are some of the changes I experienced after having my son.

I went online and do some researches on breast enhancement supplement and I stumble upon FemFigure Gem-G. It makes look like another breast enhancement supplement but I did a deeper research about the product. It is a breast enhancement supplement but it is based on cell-therapy.  In another word, it treats your body cells from its core. It uses the same science as placenta concept heals cells.

FemFigure Fem-G cell therapy breast enhancement focus on healing, rejuvenating, refresh and revitalize 4 major endocrine system that are heavily involve in breast puberty and also keeping the body young. These are our ovaries, adrenal, pituitary and thyroid. Another plus point from them is that this breast enhancement system does not add foreign or plant based hormone into the body rather it uses your endocrine system to generate the hormones required for breast enhancement.

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Review: Red Apple Lipstick Coral Crush

Hello dearies!

How are you? Notice something new about my blog? Yes! I had it revamped by Deann Sarmiento of http://www.deannsarmiento.com/. What do you think about my new blog theme? I hope you miss reading my beauty posts because I’m gonna start my so-called comeback with a lippy review. Hope you’re excited to read about my Red Apple Lipstick experience!
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The Comeback

If you’re an avid reader of this blog (even though it hasn’t been updated that much), you’d know why I’ve been out of the scene over the past few months.

Just like I said on my previous post, you’d be hearing from me soon. So, here I am! :)

I’m sort of preparing for my comeback with a giveaway and tons of pending posts. I’m excited to interact with my dearies again! But before blogging regularly again, I would want to set everything in place. You would know what I’m talking about after a couple of days so just continue supporting this blog. You’re surely in for a treat!

I have to say ciao for now!


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Safira’s Beauty Corner 1000 Likes Giveaway Winner

Hello dearies!

It’s been a looooooong time since I last posted on this blog. Despite being MIA, I still try my best to keep this site up. I haven’t blogged in “forever” because I got so busy with work. I’m still adjusting with the type of work I have since it involves months of being away from home.

I really love blogging but there are times when work seems to consume all my energy and inspiration. I wasn’t really inspired to write lately. Writing a lame post just because I have to would be an injustice to this blog.

You would be reading more blog posts from me soon and I’d be having a sort of comeback giveaway since I had been “lost” for quite some time. Plus, I wasn’t able to give you dearies a Blog Anniversary and Birthday Giveaway.

Anyway, a giveaway on my blog recently ended. Safira’s Beauty Corner reached 1000 likes and now it’s time for me to announce the winner!
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Nicval Collection

Do you want to have a collection of cheap but elegant items? Start your collection with Nicval Collection! Read the rest of this entry »


I Will Reward Myself

I’m not that much of an online shopper. In fact, I’m not that much of a shopper at all. If you have been reading my blog for quite some time, you’d know that I don’t usually purchase the things I have. They’re either won or given. I usually don’t find it necessary to shop for myself but do some shopping once in a while.

February’s fast approaching. I have been working hard and I see to it that I provide my son’s needs. Now that  I’m gonna turn 22, I wanna reward myself with a gift that is worth it. I don’t shop that often that’s why I want to purchase items that are really sulit. Where shall I buy my reward? Read the rest of this entry »


I Choose To Shine

Hello dearies! How are you? If you’d ask me that question, I’d say I’m fine but not good. Hubby’s gonna leave for Manila to pursue his dreams of becoming a sailor. He’s gonna be back who knows when. We’d have to deal with LDR (Long Distance Relationship).

If I wasn’t a mom, I’d probably feel worse. But I have a son  who would also be missing his father. For my son, I’d be strong, Instead of being dull and sad, I #choosetoshine. I won’t let struggles and difficulties in life ruin my shining moment. With the love and support of God and my family, plus a good hair day (haha!), nothing is impossible. :) Read the rest of this entry »


Live Life To The Fullest

I love planning. I am the type of person who scribbles To-Do Lists every now and then. When I was still studying, I had a separate notebook for all my reminders and schedules. My memory’s not that good. Haha! I tend to forget things, important things. When I am preoccupied with certain tasks, things just slip my mind. I am completely aware of my imperfections. :) Read the rest of this entry »



This is one of my many pending posts for you, dearies.

I won a giveaway by Abby Jocson and Alyssa Lapid. When I joined the giveaway, I was really eyeing on the bag with the leopard print. Though I love black and white, I wanted to have an animal printed bag. Luckily, I got the bag I wanted! Read the rest of this entry »


Red Apple Lipstick: The SAFE Lipstick

Hello dearies!

I’m back! Yes, I am! I’ve got tons of posts to share with you! *excited! Let’s start it off with a new lipstick brand I learned about. Read the rest of this entry »

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