Review: Red Apple Lipstick Sweet Pea

Red Apple Lipstick Sweet Pea


Hello dearies!


I just can’t get enough of Red Apple Lipstick! Aside from being THE SAFE LIPSTICK, the shades they have are so adorbs you’d just wanna have ‘em all.


Coral Crush is my favorite, Hibiskiss is my busy-day lippy, and Sweet Pea is my everyday lippy. It’s a blend of coral and pink that’s perfect for everyday use. Not too light and not too heavy. It’s a shade that goes with all types of look and outfit I could think of. Read the rest of this entry »


Review: Nair Moisturizing Face Cream

Nair 1


Having facial hair was never an issue for me. I didn’t find it necessary to remove my lady-mustache since it didn’t bother me at all.

Those days were gone when I started putting on make up. My lady-mustache became more evident whenever I use foundations, mineral powders, and BB creams. They even stand out on close-up photos! (Such a turn off!)

So, I tried plucking them. It was time consuming, painful, and inconvenient (my skin reddens). It’s very difficult for me to pluck them since they are finer than eyebrow hair. I get the sting without successfully plucking the hair. Ouch! I know. Read the rest of this entry »


Comeback Giveaway

Comeback Giveaway 1
Hello dearies!

Here’s the giveaway I’ve been ranting about! This giveaway was planned ages ago and finally I got to post it! Hope you’re still visiting my site every now and then!

This giveaway was made possible by a very generous sponsor! I would like to thank Nicval Collection!

So, are you excited?!

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Review: Red Apple Lipstick Hibiskiss

Red Apple Lipstick Hibiskiss 1


Here’s another shade of a Red Apple Lipstick I got! This is my second favorite! I wear this when I know I’d be having a busy day! Wanna know why?
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Breast Enhancement Supplement

It is amazing how the woman’s body like mine able to bring another life into this world. It takes hard work for our body to conceive, carry it for 9 months and then give birth to our child. Then come another stage of caring and nursing the baby once it is out from the womb. Our physical body and emotion will never be the same again after birth given the yo-yo period of up and downs of our hormones. Some of the body changes we experienced will be the like of additional tummy area and the shrunken and sagging breast. These are some of the changes I experienced after having my son.

Few months back as I was searching for a solution for my post pregnancy body I stumble across FemFigure Fem-G. It may look like another breast enhancement supplement at first glance, but after much in depth research about this supplement I realize to my surprise it is based on cell-therapy method. In another word, it treats your body cells from its cores instead of using plant based hormones. It uses the same science and concept of sheep placenta, which is cell-heals-cell.

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