I Will Reward Myself

I’m not that much of an online shopper. In fact, I’m not that much of a shopper at all. If you have been reading my blog for quite some time, you’d know that I don’t usually purchase the things I have. They’re either won or given. I usually don’t find it necessary to shop for myself but do some shopping once in a while.

February’s fast approaching. I have been working hard and I see to it that I provide my son’s needs. Now that  I’m gonna turn 22, I wanna reward myself with a gift that is worth it. I don’t shop that often that’s why I want to purchase items that are really sulit. Where shall I buy my reward? (more…)

I Choose To Shine

Hello dearies! How are you? If you’d ask me that question, I’d say I’m fine but not good. Hubby’s gonna leave for Manila to pursue his dreams of becoming a sailor. He’s gonna be back who knows when. We’d have to deal with LDR (Long Distance Relationship).

If I wasn’t a mom, I’d probably feel worse. But I have a son  who would also be missing his father. For my son, I’d be strong, Instead of being dull and sad, I #choosetoshine. I won’t let struggles and difficulties in life ruin my shining moment. With the love and support of God and my family, plus a good hair day (haha!), nothing is impossible. :) (more…)

Live Life To The Fullest

I love planning. I am the type of person who scribbles To-Do Lists every now and then. When I was still studying, I had a separate notebook for all my reminders and schedules. My memory’s not that good. Haha! I tend to forget things, important things. When I am preoccupied with certain tasks, things just slip my mind. I am completely aware of my imperfections. :) (more…)


This is one of my many pending posts for you, dearies.

I won a giveaway by Abby Jocson and Alyssa Lapid. When I joined the giveaway, I was really eyeing on the bag with the leopard print. Though I love black and white, I wanted to have an animal printed bag. Luckily, I got the bag I wanted! (more…)

Crazy 2013

2013 has been a crazy year for me. I

  • turned 21
  • graduated from College
  • passed the Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination
  • took blogging seriously
  • became a bum for a couple of months
  • survived the Zamboanga Crisis
  • got hired
  • started working and earning

I was so preoccupied with work and making time for my family that I became an inactive blogger, again. I think I needed a break since I did not have the inspiration to write. I always think about work and how much time I have left to spend with my boys.

For the dearies who aren’t aware, my hubby would be leaving for Manila to attend various trainings so he could proceed with his apprenticeship as a Nautical Student. My job, on the other hand, requires me to travel and be away from home for at least a month. I had to spend as much as I could with them.

Fortunately, hubby would leave later this month and I wouldn’t be assigned out of town yet. So, January is my month for my boys. I am sorry for not being able to post and pay attention to the blog I created. Rest assured, I wouldn’t stop blogging. I’ve got giveaways planned and I’ve got pending posts for you, dearies.

February is my birth month and I would celebrate it with you! Please continue supporting my blog!


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Early Christmas Giveaway

Hello dearies! I miss you and I miss blogging a lot! If you’ve been updated through Twitter or Facebook, you’d pretty much know why I have been MIA. My laptop’s still busted hence I’m using my cousin’s laptop just so I could create the banner and post this giveaway.

I have been so blessed this year though I had lots of problems (one of which is having a dying laptop). My blog’s turning one soon so expect an Anniversary giveaway this December. (more…)

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